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Muerto Loco was born over 20 years ago in San Antonio, Texas.  It was created by my Husband, Ben, an avid Mountain Biker and all-around Outdoor Enthusiast.  He believed that outdoor sports is necessary for physical and mental well-being, and, created our flagship design El Muerto Loco (the folk art skeleton on a mountain bike) based on his love of the San Antonio Folk Art Culture and Mountain Biking scene.

He had big plans to start and run a business based on the design.  With the demands of everyday life, however, the design was put into a folder and filed away.   Ben passed from us some years ago and the design was lost… or so we thought. 

After years of stockpiling in the garage (to deal with another day), I finally made it my project to sort through and organize.  Guess what I found - Ben’s original design, along with his notes, and the name “El Muerto Loco!" With the help of professional designers, we have revived his original design and will continue to add additional designs reflecting his love of an active lifestyle, and, its importance to our overall physical and mental well-being. 

Ben...this is for you!

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